Tuesday, December 15, 2009

All Done!

Okay, I'm done!
As I mentioned before, I decided to split up all of my content into seperate blogs.  So... here they are:

All of my RECIPES can now be found at

Home and Emergency Preparedness material can be found at  I have large quantities of information just waiting to be posted... so for now it isn't very spectacular; but it will be!

All Boredom Buster ideas and projects will be at (however, I am still working on the finishing touches with this site - I will begin posting in a few weeks; but I have a TON of ideas, so check back soon)

As for this site; I have decided to leave it for all of my crafting purposes - cards, decorations, whatever else inspires me, etc.

I am very excited for all of the changes!  I hope you all enjoy the new blogs!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Updates and Changes

There is so much I want to do!  I have decided that it cannot all be done on one blog.  I am going to be branching out a bit and getting organized.  For the next few days I will be devoting some time to starting 3 new blogs; devoted solely to Recipes, Boredom Busters, and Home and Emergency Preparedness.  All three can be accessed by clicking on the links to the right.
As for this blog, I'm not sure what I will turn it into (if anything), but I'm sure that will be figured out shortly...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Potty Training Bed Liner

We are potty training at our house.  I am not a fan of pull-ups, but I also don't want to change sheets every night.  I decided to make some waterproof bed liners out of the plastic bags I fused together the other day (check out the sewing section to view the tutorial).

Materials Needed:
Fused Plastic Bags (or waterproof material)
Old towel(s)
Sewing machine and coordinating thread

Step 1:
- Take the fused sheets and lay them on top of your old towel, piecing them together to cover the towel. 
- Sew the fused sheets together
- Lay the waterproof liner on top of the towel, and cut around each edge so the towel overlaps by about 1/2" - 1" on each side
Step 2:
- Pin the fused bag liner in place on top of towel.  Be sure to get around all edges, and in the middle

Step 3:
- Sew liner in place along one of the longer edges
- Sew liner in place along one of the shorter edges
- Readjust pins if necessary
- Starting from the sewn edges (longer side of towel at top), sew 4-5 rows from top to bottom to secure the liner to the towel, smoothing it out as you go.
-  Sew the two remaining edges.  It should look like this:

Step 4:
- Cut around sewn edges, removing excess liner
- One edge at a time, overlap the towel, and sew a finished edge; covering up the edge of the liner
- Repeat with 3 other edges
Voila!  You're done!  Remember it shouldn't be perfect... it's just going to get peed on!
As everything should be in a house that holds kids, this is of course machine washable and dryable!
I made two of these, and I love them!  I use them for bed liners, bath mats, and to put under the toilet (good to stand on while undressing in case they don't make it in time).
The towel absorbs everything, and the fused bag liner keeps everything else dry.
Oh yeah, and super cheap, since you made it all yourself!
Now if I could just get Cannon to use it!  Last night he woke up needing to go.  But did he go on his bed liner?  Of course not.  He went into the family room, stood up on the couch (of all places), and did his business.  Then he politely came and woke me up, saying he wanted to go back to bed in dry pants.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fusing Plastic Bags - Waterproof Material

I came across this idea while browsing through, and I wanted to give it a try; especially since my plastic grocery bag stock was overtaking the enormous box I keep them in.
The idea is to fuse your bags together to make a thicker, durable layer, which can then be turned into a waterproof lining for all sorts of things.  Here's how to do it:

Fusing Plastic Bags Tutorial

Materials Needed:
- Plastic Bags (thin, flimsy ones work the best - I prefer Macey's)
- Iron
- Parchment paper, freeezer paper, or regular paper
Note: Be sure to do this outside if possible, or on a nice day when you can open your windows or door, to avoid potentially brain-damaging fumes.
Step 1:
- Flatten out the bags
- Trim the bottom seams
- Trim the handles
Step 2:
- Open the bags completely, and smooth out
- Layer bags on top of each other

Fusing works best when you have between 6-8 layers, so you will need to pile 3-4 bags on top of each other, or you can pile 2 bags, and then fold them in half.

The ink on the bag will come off and make a big mess if exposed on the outside, so either turn the bags inside out, or make sure that 2 inked surfaces face eachother on the inside.
Step 3:
- Sandwich plastic bags between paper
- Turn on your iron (I put mine on #4 out of 6, you'll have to experiment).
- Iron on top of the paper; keeping it moving constantly

You will need to iron each 'section' for about 10-15 seconds, then flip the paper and do it on the other side.
Corners and edges may need some extra time - but do not overdo it, or the bags will shrink, warp, and/or littles holes will burn through.
- Peel a corner of the paper back to see if the plastic is fused together; it should appear as one piece.
Step 4:
- Cut around the raw edges to make a smooth one

You can use these to make all sorts of things.  Some ideas from Tipnut:
- re-usable grocery totes
- wallets
- floor cushions
- waterproof linings for beach bags and makeup clutches
I am planning on making some waterproof bed-liners and baby bibs.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Weave Card

So easy to make... Take a single background piece and cut it into 4 pieces; spacing them evenly apart. Cut an alternating paper strip in half, and weave down one side. Secure everything with staples. Tie it all together with a matching birthday hat.

It's Pasture Birthday Card

Monday, October 26, 2009

You'd Better Not Pout Christmas Gift Tag

This is the perfect tag to accompany simple Christmas gifts for your neighbors.  Rafia is used to tie together 3 small bells, as well as the string that ties it to the gift.  The 'you'd better not pout' is a metal sticker (which I raised).  Red and green textured paper make up the background, and the white tag allows you to write on the back.

Thinking of You Gift Bags

Another perfect bag! Here's how to do it:
- Start with a small box (single serving cereal boxes work best). Wrap the box with desired paper; just like you are wrapping a present, only leave one end open, which will be your top.
- Then fold a slightly smaller width paper in half (gray paper in photo), and secure the inside of it to the outside of the back side of the top of the bag. The other half of the black paper folds over the front, closing the bag.
- Decorate the front half of the gray paper however you wish. I used a pink background to accent my 'thinking of you' banner.
- Accessorize: I added a 'hi' paper clip, some white ribbon, and jeweled the center of my star.
- Fill bag with candies or a gift and you are good to go!

Queen for a Day Gift Bag

Yet another additon from my sister Melissa.  I love these little gift bags!  Here's how to do it:
- Start with a small box (single serving cereal boxes work best).  Wrap the box with desired paper; just like you are wrapping a present, only leave one end open, which will be your top.
- Then fold a slightly smaller width paper in half (black paper in photo), and secure the inside of it to the outside of the back side of the top of the bag.  The other half of the black paper folds over the front, closing the bag.
- Decorate the front half of the black paper however you wish.
- Fill bag with candies or a gift and you are good to go!

Butterfly Blank Card

This photo didn't turn out as well as I would have hoped.  There is nothing spectacular about the layout, but I love the look (size wise).  This card has a larger front than back (which I have never seen before), and which you can't really see from the photo.  The white surface is the same size in the front and the back, but you can only see the bottom line of it in the photo (to the right of the butterfly, after the purple paper).  The purple paper is glued to the folded front portion of the white, which leaves a longer white portion in the back (longer, but not as wide).  Anyway, I don't know if that makes sense, but it looks pretty cool... definatley different.

Embossed Flower Card

I love this one!  I got it (yet again) from my old card group.  I don't know if you can see it, but there is a stamp at the bottom; lots of misc. sized flowers, that was embossed with black.  And I love what they did with the ribbon, weaving it through the paper.

Magic Moments Clock Card

Card group again...

B is for Baby Card

Another one from the card group!

Baby Face Card

Another one from the card group.  Pretty self explanatory...

Baby Girl Outfit Card

This was from my card group, and whoever made it provided a blue one for a baby boy as well (minus the bow).  I love this idea!  Card is folded from the side, but you could easily do it from the top as well.

Little Man Card

Not sure who made this - another card group addition.

Mother's Day Definition Card

Yes, this card totally screams Fall... not Mother's Day, but you get the idea...  This card has 3 equal sized squares; each contains a word, and that words definition.  The front and back are held together with a paper hinge, secured by black eyelets.  Finish it up by tying rafia in a knot.

Thank You Ribbon Card

This is another addition from the card group.  Take 4 misc. ribbon strips, staple them at the edges, and attach a metal 'thank you' tag.  SO easy, but perfect!

Friendship Triple Tag Card

3 tags with coordinating background colors match the polkadot 'friendship' paper.  String blue ribbon through matching eyelets and attach with staples.  Border ink everything in white.

So Very Loved Card

This card is perfect for weddings, friends, hubby's, Mother's Day, etc... so many uses.  Red heart stamp is covered by a heart made out of black lined flowers.  Red ribbon with a single tie lines the bottom, and accents the heart design.  So Very Cute!

For You Bumblebee Card

Card dimensions are 3x3".  Wooden bumblebee (found at most craft stores) is the perfect focal point for black, white and yellow paper.  Black and white gingham ribbon lines the bottom.

Let us be Grateful Card

This is a side opening card with a larger back than surface (striped paper is background for inside of card).  Flower punches accent the bottom corner as well as behind the vellum stamped in front.  A blue jewel and white button create the center for both displayed flowers, and pieces are held together with staples.

Happy For You Tag Card

This is not really a card at all.  The tag that is popping out of the top goes all the way to the bottom, so there is plenty of room to write your message on that.  I like this idea - decorating the 'envelope' rather than the actual card... also works great to paper clip some money to the tag!

Baby Of Mine Card

Turqoise for the inside, brown polka dots on the front, with a cute strip of flowered paper to top it all off.  Add some matching ribbon, a metal 'baby of mine' accessory, some staples, and voila!

Quote Card

This was recieved through the card group; absolutely love that quote.

Simple Blank Card

I love this one!  It was from the card group, so maker is again unknown... but so cute and ever easier to make.  Two coordinating papers with matching ribbon and some staples!  Love it!

HELLO! Flower Card

Again, from the card group!

Wish Big Birthday Card

Super simple to make.  Take 4 equal sized rectangles - 2 of each print - to make up the background.  A square with 2 background accents is topped with birthday accessories, with a matching 'wish big' tag underneath. 

Button Flower Thank You Card

This card is super cute, but does take a lot of work.  Each flower petal was cut out individually from the white polka dots on yellow paper.  They were inked with pink on the edges, and assembled on brown paper that was cut out as a border.  Matching brown buttons with yellow string make up the center.  The bottom of the card has a scalloped edge so part of the brown inside shows through.  The saying: "Simply said from the heart... thank you."

I Love You Wedding Card

This card did not scan well... but it is adorable in real life!  Two wedding rings are tied together with ribbon, hanging down from a silver brad, which is pinned to some great textured metal.  Three heart brads are added for the finishing touch.  Card dimensions: 3x3".

For You Note Card

This is a note card with a decorated holder/envelope.  The first photo shows the card inside the holder, and the second is just of the card.  To make the envelope, fold a long piece of paper in thirds.  Cut each outside third in half on a diagonal, then fold them back over.  Hold it all together with a strip of paper going around the entire thing.

Thank You Tag Card

Another misc. creator from my card group.

Pumpkin Card

This was recieved through a card group - and I absolutel love it!  Just an example of what you can do with textured paper.

Christmas is here Card

Thank You Card

Yet another great addition from the card group.  The striped paper on the side is on the inside of the card (the back is longer than the front).

Large Flower Thank You Card

Another one from my old card group.

Flower Pot Blank Card

I got this from a card group, so I don't know who it was made by, but it is oh so adorable.

Double Flap Thank You Card

My favorite thing about this card is the double flap.  The top and bottom pieces open up rather than a regular equal sized card.  People love the idea of this one.

Smile Thank You Card

This isn't my favorite, but still cute.

Baby Boy Footprint Card

This was another one given to me for my second boy.  It was given to me by Nancy Tippetts, but I'm not sure if she made it or not.  I LOVE the safety pin; so cute!

Baby Boy Handprint Card

Another one from my sister Melissa.  This was given to me after my second babe was born.

Get Well Soon Scrap Card

This card was made in an attempt to get rid of some of my scrap pieces of paper.  It would look great with lots of different paper combinations... I'll have to try that in the future.  Just cut all your scraps to the same size, and glue them to a coordinating background to make a cool striped pattern, and stamp over the top!