Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oreo Cake

I love cake decorating!  It's like scrapbooking... you get to be creative and crafty, only you get to eat it too!
Cannon just turned 4.  
I had hopes of decorating him a really spectacular 'boy' cake, but quickly ran out of time and realized that all of my equipment is locked away in storage.  

I made an oreo cake instead.

This is the EASIEST cake to make, it doesn't require any special cake decorating stuff, and it always looks great!

See what I mean?

Materials Needed:
cake (whatever size you want - I stacked 8" rounds around a layer of ice-cream)
1 can of chocolate fudge frosting (I bought mine, you can make it if you want)
package of oreo cookies
1 bottle (spray) can of whip cream
knife to frost with

Here's How to do it:
Start by frosting the cake - try to make as nice of a finished look as possible, especially on the top edges

Next, run a thick layer of frosting around the bottom edge of the cake:

Take about 10 oreos, and cut them into 4 quarters (this is much easier with a very sharp knife)

One at a time, attach the oreo sections to the bottom of the cake, leaving a small space between each cookie.  The frosting will hold them upright.

Use your whip cream bottle to fill in the spaces between the cookies.  It makes a great looking 'star' design:

Now, make some mounds of whip cream on the top of the cake (about the size of an oreo, only higher).  Be sure to space them evenly (from side to side as well as diagonally across the cake):

Next, stick a whole oreo down into the cake, in-between each whip cream mound.

And you're done!

The entire decorating process took me under 10 minutes!  It took me longer to bake the cake!
And it recieved a lot of compliments!

Since this was an ice-cream cake, I kept mine in the freezer.
You would have to keep it in the fridge/freezer for the whipcream (or you could replace whip cream with icing).

Happy Decorating!

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  1. This reminds me of our days at 13 Flavors ... the cake looks awesome! Miss you!!