Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Potty Training Bed Liner

We are potty training at our house.  I am not a fan of pull-ups, but I also don't want to change sheets every night.  I decided to make some waterproof bed liners out of the plastic bags I fused together the other day (check out the sewing section to view the tutorial).

Materials Needed:
Fused Plastic Bags (or waterproof material)
Old towel(s)
Sewing machine and coordinating thread

Step 1:
- Take the fused sheets and lay them on top of your old towel, piecing them together to cover the towel. 
- Sew the fused sheets together
- Lay the waterproof liner on top of the towel, and cut around each edge so the towel overlaps by about 1/2" - 1" on each side
Step 2:
- Pin the fused bag liner in place on top of towel.  Be sure to get around all edges, and in the middle

Step 3:
- Sew liner in place along one of the longer edges
- Sew liner in place along one of the shorter edges
- Readjust pins if necessary
- Starting from the sewn edges (longer side of towel at top), sew 4-5 rows from top to bottom to secure the liner to the towel, smoothing it out as you go.
-  Sew the two remaining edges.  It should look like this:

Step 4:
- Cut around sewn edges, removing excess liner
- One edge at a time, overlap the towel, and sew a finished edge; covering up the edge of the liner
- Repeat with 3 other edges
Voila!  You're done!  Remember it shouldn't be perfect... it's just going to get peed on!
As everything should be in a house that holds kids, this is of course machine washable and dryable!
I made two of these, and I love them!  I use them for bed liners, bath mats, and to put under the toilet (good to stand on while undressing in case they don't make it in time).
The towel absorbs everything, and the fused bag liner keeps everything else dry.
Oh yeah, and super cheap, since you made it all yourself!
Now if I could just get Cannon to use it!  Last night he woke up needing to go.  But did he go on his bed liner?  Of course not.  He went into the family room, stood up on the couch (of all places), and did his business.  Then he politely came and woke me up, saying he wanted to go back to bed in dry pants.

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