Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Skirt to Shirt - Tutorial

I had an old elastic waist band skirt...
It had been a while since I had worn it, but I loved the pattern too much to throw away.
I decided to try and reinvent.

So... one old skirt became one new shirt...

Let me emphasize again that I tried to reinvent.
I am in no way an expert when it comes to sewing.
I always make lots of mistakes, but it somehow turns out to be okay in the end...

Here's How I did it:

Cut off the elastic waist and both side seams.
You should be left with two pieces that are the same size.

Find a shirt that fits you well and lay it out flat as a guide.

Now place your fabric (right sides together) under the shirt.
I kept the bottom hem of the skirt so I could us it for the bottom of the new shirt (and I made it a little bit longer).

As you can see, there isn't enough fabric, so I decided to make an empire waist.

I measured the same distance from the armpit on both sides and then cut it out up to that point (don't forget to leave 1/2" or so on both sides for seam allowance.

Then I cut a straight line across.

You should be left with two of these pieces:

Cut the long straps off of the sides, and it will be perfect for the front top piece:

Sew the sides of the shirt together, and sew on the top.

After that, I found some coordinating black fabric and sewed a neck line...

Then I tried it on and found that it was much too long (side to side) on the top, so I cut it down to fit me specifically.
(I also made an elongated triangle strap to go across the waistline, and layed it on top to see what it would look like).

I attached the strap to go along the waist,
and then I took another long strap of black and sewed it on to go from under one arm,
around the neck,
and back to the other arm...

And there you have it!


  1. Amazing! I tried to resize a shirt. It did not work out. Ugh! I can not sew clothing!! Other than a body bib which I created so I understand it. So woo hoos to you!!

  2. Wow, I am thoroughly impressed! It's way cute Michelle.

  3. Good Work. I like the playdough cookies on the other blog too! Mandi