Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Leak Proof Bibs

For all of those who know me and my family you know that Lincoln is a compulsive drooler.
Now that he is approaching his 2nd birthday, I have given up on the hope that it is just 'teething'.
Oh well.

We have gone through a LOT of bibs - and he always manages to soak through them and get his shirt all wet.
So I fianlly decided to make him some leak proof reversible bibs.
And they were all made from things lying around the house!

Here's How I did it:
I took some of his old bibs that were stained and weren't very thick...

And I cut off the finished edge.
I was left with two pieces.

Then I took some of his old shirts that were stained or torn,
as well as some old levi's (because I hear they don't stain very easily).

To make them leakproof I used some 'waterproof material' that I made by fusing plastic bags together.

I used the old bib as a pattern and cut the fused plastic bag, levi and old t-shirt to match.
** One piece of fabric I made larger than the other so I could wrap it around and make a border for one side.

Then I layered them:
Levi, old bib, waterproof, t-shirt.

I sewed around the edge, then folded the t-shirt over and sewed around again to make a border.
I ended up sewing some sort of design in the center of each so it would hold all of the pieces together better.

I finished them off with snaps, since I dislike the kind that tie, and I HATE the ones with velcro (they always stick to everything else when I wash them...)

The levi I let fray, because I thought it would look cool.
I also wanted to prove that these are completly able to survive the washer and dryer.

I think they turned out perfectly!

And so far they have managed to do their job!
No leaking!

So if your child is always soaked like mine USED to be, I would highly recommend these!

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